Our History

Over sixty Years & Three Generations

It’s 1962: Rose and Stanley Sacharski, after working 15 years full time at their Funeral Home, decided they needed to make a change. They left the funeral home business and opened a tavern. They called it “The Lucky Start” and it was located on the 5300 block of Fullerton on the West Side of Chicago.

The tavern was just a simple neighborhood tap, but soon turned into something special. The place was severely aged and they ended up using Tropical matting and Bamboo poles to rejuvenate the space. The bar eventually developed a tagline – “Our Bamboo Rendezvous”. The motif was a huge hit at the time and they just rolled with it.

The “New” watering hole was a hit, they just needed to find a more suitable location. This lead them to the Hala Kahiki’s current Location in River Grove in 1964. The legacy has continued through three generations and will continue for generations to come.

Hala Kahiki - Front Entrance

Hala Kahiki – Front Entrance

Original Owners - Rose & Stan Secharski

Original Owners – Rose & Stan Sacharski